Drawing on Economy  - Sam Kinsley March 2015

Drawing on Economy - Sam Kinsley
March 2015


The mandate of the Galerie Sans Nom (GSN) is to facilitate encounters with contemporary art in all of its forms, in a context of professional presentation in order to engage and confront the public, in and beyond the walls of the gallery, with local, national, and international artists.


  • To present exhibits or interventions that reflect current tendencies in contemporary art and curatorial practices at a local, national and international level.
  • To welcome artists from around the world into an Acadian context that is at once diverse and inclusive.
  • To be a mediator between the public and the artists (a place for both to gather and exchange in a convivial manner).
  • To offer diverse platforms of diffusion; exhibition spaces, unconventional spaces, special events, etc.
  • To engage with the public and the community through discourse and dialogues on contemporary art practices, while playing an important role in the development of a pertinent critical discourse on contemporary art in Acadia as well as elsewhere in Canada.
  • To encourage harmonious relationships and to create a context that encourages collaborative encounters between francophone and Anglophone communities (among others) while maintaining primary operations in French.
  • To participate in the development of the local cultural scene, supporting collaborations that favor interdisciplinarity.